Parking lot race wars

So yesterday I went to the Pickerington Target, now I am a Target junky I seriously will drive all over town and go to every single Target to find something..Not once do I stop and ask them to check the other stores because A. I feel like they don’t keep good count of their product, B. I have zero patience and in my head it takes longer to wait for them to call than for me to drive to every single one…(hold your judgement thanks).

So anyways I’m breast-feeding and I have to buy nursing bras, and I already had huge breast I wore a 34 D from 9th grade untill I got pregnant, so now I need a 34DD and no one ever carries that because they think everyone with big boobs has to have a huge frame…ummm no, Im not huge my breast are..THANKS!

So anyways..Im listening to this Jeremia cd that Kristina gave me, I don’t like it that much but track three is my ish…So I’m blasting the cd because my daughter is at my moms and I can play my music loud when she isn’t in the car. So I drive around the parking lot like three times looking for a close spot, and there were other spots but I just wanted a close one. I will literally drive around a parking lot 20 times before I park far away…it makes no sense and I no it’s a waste of time but I do it anyways so back off!…So I see this lady leaving and I’m thinking score!!!!! So I put on my blinker even though no one is in the lane but me and her…so she pulls out like a dummy and pulls out the wrong way which would allow someone to steal my spot..SO of course this white van whips around the corner and tries and I mean tries to pull into my spot…so I get pissed and pull in to like…B*&%h not today you don’t!….So this hoe has the audacity to keep pulling in…

side note: anybody that knows me knows I hate when people try to take my stuff from a pencil to a parking space it pisses me off so damn bad!!!!

Anyways so I row my window down and say hey!!! what are you doing you saw me waiting for this spot move! So she says and I quote “FUCK YOU, YOU DARK NIGGER”…So I close my eyes and open them and turn my head like did this heifer just call me a dark nigger?????/ So I get out my car and go up the her window and her daughter is in the car….So I can’t beat her ass because her child is in the car and that wouldn’t be right..so she says it again..and a black lady in the parking lot gets pissed…so then I get pissed so she still try’s to pull into the spot…So I pull in again and put myself in park and wait for her to hit my car, because I’m insured thanks to my man. So she finally backs up and cusses at me again, so by then I’m pissed completely off, so I follow her around the parking lot four times until she drives away, and then I parked in an even closer spot.

Now this wasnt by any means promoting road rage but listen I’m working on my temper but she called me a dark Nigger not even a regular one but a dark one like so what I’m dark…. shit…that pissed me off.


My little Princess

So today I went to go see the Princess and the frog or the Frog Prince, with my daughter and I was clearly more excited than she was, well for one she is only nine months old and she can’t understand the movie. I was so excited for so many reasons…. Mostly because when I was growing up they had was all the Disney Princess stories but none of them were black, and growing up being a little black girl it gets to you after awhile when you never have any positive stories about people like you.  I think this was something very ground breaking and amazing, a lot of people where complaining because the prince wasn’t black, and I do think it would have been nice if he was, only because the Obama family shouldn’t be the only example of a happy black family. Even though they made him Mediterranean so he was brown, they never made any other princess have a multi racial relationship, Aladin had a Arabian princess and all the White princess had White prince. However it benefits my daughter because her parents are of two different races, but I still think it would have been nice if he was black. My niece sat next to me in the movie and I could tell she was so happy and she was so excited and she leaned over next to me and said “Aunty Ashley, she is so beautiful like me”. I can’t wait till my daughter grows up and is able to watch this movie and truly appreciate it for how special it truly is.


My fav mother daughet duo.




































I hope I age like her because she is so freaking beautiful and her daughter is so cute. Her whole family is adorable. I’m glad she finally got a good man and a happy family take that Eric Bonet!!


Fabolous – Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (ft. Keri Hilson) (Official Video)

Doesnt move me, “we in this ___ like a unborn baby”…that line made me laugh. Song isnt that bad but I want to hear something different from Fab and Ryan.


I cant wait to buy his cd. Jigga man does it again.

Jay z. Run this town*

So Its official he is the Michael Jordon of rap, the Michael Jackson of pop music and the Pizza of food. haha who doesnt like pizza? Exactly!


J/K wedding dance.

I swear if I get married im making my friends dance down the aisle…this was so funny!


I can do bad all by myself trailor..Tyler Perry

First of all I love love love Adam Rodriquez..yeh I have a little crush shhhhhh! Anyways this movie is prob going to make someone cry and learn a lesson and stack chips in a black mans pocket so im going to to go see it and so should you.  Also Taraji is so dope she is such a good actress.


Side note: I love that Tyler Perry started off with plays and he has famous people wanting to be in his movies. Love it!

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